[Gllug] More mail trouble

Tethys tet at accucard.com
Tue Jul 30 16:51:00 UTC 2002

> These two, verisign and mcaffee have been filling up my logs, they 
> just don't give up.

Verisign fill up my logs, too... but that's another matter entirely (they
keep sending me bogus domain name renewal notices)

> My question is, these timeouts... are they just a feature of sendmail, 
> or is it just the emails having to much extra fat on them, or not 
> conforming to standards?
> My bet is with the second one. By the way I don't run any porno site.

Or maybe just that the mcafee site is very slow. Does any part of the route
between you and McAfee go over a dialup line?


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