[Gllug] Font problem in Gnome 2

Paul Brazier pbrazier at cosmos-uk.co.uk
Tue Jul 2 08:45:27 UTC 2002

I've had a few Gnome 2 apps coming over in debian unstable and there's a
strange problem with the menu fonts e.g. in gnome-terminal:
They seem to be double-spaced 
i.e. l i k e    t h i s
though the actual terminal font itself is OK.

Is this just the price you pay for running unstable or does it sound
like a problem with my X/font setup?
I'm wondering if it is something to do with double-byte e.g. Unicode
I have tweaked the fonts a bit in the past to get TrueType so I don't
know if I've messed anything up here.


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