OT: The sig flame war starts here (was Re: [Gllug] Microsoft 'tnef' files)

Simon Stewart sms at lateral.net
Tue Jul 9 17:24:17 UTC 2002

On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 05:58:42PM +0100, Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> On Tue 09 Jul, t.clarke made the following spurious claims:

<snip "MS TNEF files">

> > They are a complete pain in the a*** but unfortunately we
> > can't educate all of our customers to avoid the damn things !

Mac mail clients seem to have a habit of wrapping multiple attachments
into a binhex archive. A right royal PITA.

> Like you can't educate all the subscribers that the signature goes at
> the END of the message ;)


Let's start the sig flame war when your sig is comfortably over 4
lines long. :)

> While middle England keeps swinging its loyalty
> No concern for the future
> Just with dead royalty
> So will the Real Great Britain step forward
> This is the national identity parade
> Shoe gazer nation forever looking backwards
> Time to reject the sixties charade
> - Asian Dub Foundation: Real Great Britain



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