[Gllug] H.323 / H.320

Paul Nasrat pauln at truemesh.com
Fri Jul 19 11:23:39 UTC 2002

On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 11:54:28AM +0200, Rodger Etz-Brown wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 11:48:08AM +0200, Rodger Etz-Brown wrote:

> > May be I am missing something and this is possible as well. Just cannot
> > find the hint how to do it.

Umm, no the source takes video input and proxies it to a null driver:

  // Create an input device
  grabber = new GwPFakeVideoInputDevice;
  // Create an output device
  display = new NullVideoOutputDevice;
  // Attach input and output device to the video channel
  channel->AttachVideoReader (grabber);
  channel->AttachVideoPlayer (display);

However it should be possible to modify this to do H.320, the protocol
is definitely do-able on Linux.

http://www-ti.informatik.uni-tuebingen.de/~hippm/isdn.html (look for the
OKAMI section).

I don't have the protocol specs, but have passed on the mail to a friend
of mine in coms who may have and may also have some pointers.

> Forgot to add that it ideally should work with pre-built solutions like
> Intel's ProShare.

Umm, what protocols does that support?  Can you not do IP over ISDN?


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