OT: The sig flame war starts here (was Re: [Gllug] Microsoft 'tnef' files)

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Wed Jul 10 11:11:37 UTC 2002

On Wed 10 Jul, Simon Stewart made the following spurious claims:

> sig itself should be no longer than 4 lines long, each at most 72
> characters wide.

Yes and these ideas were invented back when we sucked our Internet
bandwidth through long straws across the Atlantic (Pacific where I
was).  At the time all of Australia was serviced by a 64k satellite
connection to the University of Hawaii (and we STILL played MUDs).  It
made sense at the time.  These days my toaster has more bandwidth.

If you want to complain about the length (of some) of my sigs, you'll
also have to complain about the people who add weird, completely
unneccessary headers to all their emails on this list.

> You mentioned Hitler! Deliberately, I warrant, so the thread may
> continue. :)

I thought Hitler meant "end of thread".

> There are two things that come from Berkeley, UNIX and LSD,
> this is not believed to be coincedence.

You mispelled.  Deliberately, I warrant, so the thread may
continue. :P

(Nobody has noticed that I fixed the spelling in that Asian Dub
 Foundation sigmonster quote following the last time someone moaned
 about it on GLLUG.)

Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net>
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