[Gllug] Homechoice - any other users out there?

Sean Burlington sean at uncertainty.org.uk
Mon Jul 8 23:22:44 UTC 2002

Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> This afternoon my homechoice set up went doolally - and I lost mail (smtp - I 
> am using Demon's POP) and NNTP access.
> This was all DNS related.
> My machine still cannot resolve news1.homechoice.co.uk and I have got smtp 
> back because I got customer support to gave me the raw IP - but that is 
> semi-dynamic and subject to change at any time.
> Anybody know what was going on - the helpdesk simply said "we don't support 
> Linux you know"?
> Adrian

I use homechoice

and lie to tech support :)

they run an internal network - you must use thier DNS servers for 

put this in named.conf
          forward first;
          forwarders {;; };

if you are not running dns - just make sure that the homechoice server 
is at the top of yout /etc/reslove.conf

even so I had problems and have never managed to send mail through thier 
  smtp servers (even when running win95)

but I got bored of tech support (even though they were pretty good about 
answering the phone and even calling back)

I have also given up on thier POP servers as they delay mail by 15-30 
minutes -- aparebtly they are working on this but I just found it too 
annoying - especially for list mail !

  The Unofficial HomeChoice FAQ

apparently Homechoice run linux for a lot of their servers (Video and 
net), and the homechoice firweall page was one of the reasons I choose them
(not the quality of the script - just its existence)




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