[Gllug] Mixing mod_rewrite and mod_alias REAL answer

Robert McKay robert at mckay.com
Mon Jul 15 09:08:16 UTC 2002

Since I gave a wrong answer before I actually did some research this time
to find the right answer : 

The PT flag :

    RewriteRule ^/abc(.*)  /def$1 [PT]
    Alias       /def       /ghi

       If you omit the PT flag then mod_rewrite will do its job fine,
       i.e., it rewrites uri=/abc/... to filename=/def/... as a full
       API-compliant URI-to-filename translator should do. Then mod_alias
       comes and tries to do a URI-to-filename transition which will not
       Note: You have to use this flag if you want to intermix directives
       of different modules which contain URL-to-filename translators.
       The typical example is the use of mod_alias and mod_rewrite..



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