[Gllug] Help wanted on installing PCI modems and fidning drivers

Paul paul at shiningrose.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 20:39:50 UTC 2003

Dear all,

A long time lurker first time poster.

I have run across two problems installing RH and occasionally other distros
on a wide variety of hardware.

First is finding PCI modems. I have several times put a PCI intel chipset
onto a board. It is detected under /proc/pci, but there is not a IO address
associated with it, making forcing the board to see it rhough set serial or
similar hard. This seems to be where the modem HOW-to abandons me.
I can put an external modem in in 2 minutes flat, but these just tend to
stump me if not found automagically
Can anyone enlighten me. Point me at a better how-to.
The modems work under windows !

(To be honest there seems to be a conceptual gap in my understanding of how
linux deals with PCI/serial and so on. The howto helps but there is
something worrying at the back of my mind I have come to recognise as "If
you understood the foundations, this would be simpler")

Second is finding drivers. I know one should look through various sites,
google etc. But I do this a lot. Is there a single repository that lists
drivers by chipset/PCI number? Or is it back to google

Thanks in advance

paul brian

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