[Gllug] Controversial Joel Spolsky article

Tethys tet at createservices.com
Sat Dec 20 16:04:53 UTC 2003

Mike Brodbelt writes:

>Windows sysadmins often maintain servers the same as their home PCs.
>So do Unix sysadmins, but this is often because Unix sysadmins have
>absolutely no sense of when to stop where their home PCs are
>concerned..... :-).

Hmmm. Yes, I think I probably fall into that category :-)

But I think the difference is that Unix admins tend to bring an "enterprise"
mentality to their home systems, where Windows admins tend to bring a home
PC mentality to their work systems, which goes a long way to explaining why
so many businesses have problems with their Windows PCs. Yes, it's a trite
answer, but there's too much truth to it for comfort...

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