[Gllug] ping!

Alan Peery peery at io.com
Mon Dec 29 11:20:05 UTC 2003

Stephen Harker wrote:

I agree with the unspoken sentiment ;-).  Traffic has fallen off quite a 
lot since the list changeover--and I think this  list will be hit more 
heavily than many at an address change as many (most?) of the users 
filter their email in some way.  I don't think it is all the holiday season.

I would suggest that someone (probably the list moderator) do two things:

   1. send another reminder of the change to gllug-announce
   2. Using low-level SMTP hacking tricks that I'm sure no one on the
      list would confess to, send messages from the old email addresses
      so they meet the criteria of the most likely filtering...


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