[Gllug] Anyone thinking of driving after having a drink needs this

David Damerell damerell at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Wed Dec 17 12:11:43 UTC 2003

On Wednesday, 17 Dec 2003, Jason Clifford wrote:
>No however it is clear that driving under the influence has a negative 
>effect upon the abilities of the driver and thus increases risk.

Yes, that is clear, but it was clear beforehand.

>The sample size isn't terribly relevant. If you kill or maim someone 
>because you were DUI statistics don't mean anything to you or your 

Of course the sample size is relevant. If you are killed by an adder
bite, the statistic that this is something that happens only every few
decades will not mean anything to you. Nevertheless we would be fools
to conclude from this that adders are enormously dangerous and we
should wear heavy knee-high boots at all times.

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