[Gllug] Hardware problems

Jon Dye jon at pecorous.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 11:13:10 UTC 2003

Doug Winter wrote:
> On Wed 10 Dec Jon Dye wrote:
>>Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I can try to comfirm or 
>>deny that it is the motherboard?  Any one disagree with my diagnoses so far?
> If you're getting oopses, and it's not RAM, then it'll be your CPU
> probably.  Best bet is that it's overheating - check the fan.

It doesn't crash when running memtest86, doesn't that stress the CPU? 
If not can anyone suggest a test that would stressthe CPU that I can run 
from a boot disk/cd?

Anyone know what sort of temperature a Athlon 1.3GHz should run at?


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