[Gllug] Controversial Joel Spolsky article

Christopher Currie ccurrie at bloxwich.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 21 23:55:35 UTC 2003

Further to my last...

> > But the bad news is that since about October the SuSe Linux has
> > developed a randomly freezing mouse cursor;

> If it is just the mouse which stalls, have a look at /proc/interrupts
> when the mouse stalls, waggle it, have a look again, and see if the
> interrupt count for the appropriate device (psaux or serial) climbs when
> you waggled. If it does, then your hardware is fine and it's a software
> problem. If it doesn't climb, then it's a hardware problem: the
> interrupts aren't reaching the machine.

Looks as if it is a hardware problem..the last time it crashed it did so where  
i could get up a terminal..and the interrupt counter didn't increment when i 
waggled the mouse.

> (What the problem might actually be, I have no idea as yet, and if it
> turns out to be a hardware problem I'll leave it to the hardware gurus
> on the list. ;) )

All suggestions welcome!!!

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