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Bernard Peek bap at shrdlu.com
Mon Dec 29 17:21:06 UTC 2003

In message <200312291701.hBTH1G2s017215 at isengard.accucard.com>, Tethys 
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>Bernard Peek writes:
>>You might find it difficult to find an alternative. Several of the major
>>UK ISPs made the same decision at pretty much the same time. They
>>blocked the traffic because of the 'welchia' worm infection back in
>Given that the rest of the net survived without having to block ICMP
>echo requests, their excuse doesn't hold much water... Sounds like
>a great DoS tactic, though. Write a worm that targets some valid net
>traffic (say ICMP echo requests, or NTP, or SMTP or HTTP or...) and
>wait for ISPs to disable that service at the firewall in the name of
>"protecting their networks".
>If you're going to quote a URL, please don't add a trailing full stop.
>Yes, it may make it gramatically correct, but it makes the URL invalid
>for those of us wishing to cut and paste it (and for those with MUAs
>that automatically turn URLs into hyperlinks).

I usually add a space after the URL, I forgot this time. My apologies.

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