[Gllug] Browsing a SAMBA machine from Windoze

Richard Jones rich at annexia.org
Thu Jul 24 11:18:53 UTC 2003


I've just added a W2K server machine to my network. I've got Samba
running on my other machines, and I want the W2K server to be able to
see the other machines and access files on them.  Easy enough? Ha ha ...

So far I've got the Samba configuration below on one machine. I can
now explicitly mount \\linux\rich and \\linux\tmp (I have to manually
type a password, which is a pain, but it works).

But I can't get the machine to be listed in the "Network
neighbourhood" at all. It just doesn't appear there ...

What am I doing wrong?


PS. Setting 'os level' doesn't make things work, but it does slow down
the process of mounting drives a lot.

security = user

encrypt passwords = yes
local master = yes
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
os level = 65

printing = cups

        workgroup = WORKGROUP

        guest ok = no
        read only = no
        browseable = yes

        comment = Temporary space
        path = /tmp
        read only = no
        public = yes
        browseable = yes

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