[Gllug] M$ and Netscape/AOL/Time Warner settle for $750m

Tethys tet at accucard.com
Fri May 30 16:37:13 UTC 2003

>   According to BBC TV News24, M$ and Netscape/AOL/Time Warner have
>settled their anti-competition battle for $750m and agreed to work
>together for the next few years, but to do what? And how will it
>affect both other operating systems and other ISPs?

Yep, that really screwed up my day when I read it this morning. The
main terms are that AOL will continue to use IE as their browser
engine for the next 7 years, and in return, MS will ensure that AOL
works well on current and future version of Windows. Sigh. It's hard
to argue with the business case from AOL's perspective, but I can't
help thinking that they're doing themselves and their customers no
favours in the long run.


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