[Gllug] Creative Modemblaster DE5773

Ian Norton bredroll at darkspace.org.uk
Tue Aug 10 10:24:25 UTC 2004

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 04:22:56PM +0100, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> Taken my ancient laptop off with work again and had much better
> experience of using it in a largely Windows environment than before
> (printing works, can maze my colleagues by running a web server, ftp
> repository and even a wiki off it).
> But I am also stuck using dialup - the mwave ACP modem on the box (IBM
> tp600).
> I have one of these USB things - a winmodem on the end of a cable -
> knocking about and googling suggests it will not work. Anybody know
> different?

burn it, jump on its charred remains and dance.

i vagueley remember an old thinkpad that i once had with an mwave modem that
worked under os2, for linux there was somthing about starting it up via dos
then booting linux with loadlin (or was that the sound?)

decent credit card modems arent hard to get really, mine just shows up as ttyS3


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