[Gllug] Mozilla local folder set to nfs bafflement - it gives write errors. Help!

M.Blackmore mblackmore at oxlug.org
Sun Aug 22 17:11:10 UTC 2004

I'm trying to set up SWMBO with her inbox for mozilla mail on the server 
in t'loft as a quick and dirty until I find the time to learn how to 
setup an imap server up there (I am fortunate to have an imap mail 
service for historical reasons that goes back to the late 80s so have 
never felt the need for myself). I have been using linux for some time 
but very much as a user - my knowledge level is pretty shallow, so don't 
make assumptions as to what I know as backgrounding!

I thought it would be easy just to direct mozilla's server settings to 
make the folders in a sub dir under her home directory that is nfs'd 
from the old pentium in t'loft. It even gives a dialogue box where one 
can enter the appropriate directory - in this case I have simply 
reproduced the mozilla tree under the nfs server directory as a 
subfolder of her home.

However, whenever I try to download her mail messages I get an error 
saying that mozilla can't write to the mail folder and/or the diskspace 
is full... I've meticulously set permissions to be the same as the 
original mozilla folders, and there are gigabytes of disk space!

I've checked gid and uid is the same on both machines, but wonder if 
perchance mozilla is doing anything as root (why would it??) as root 
squash is set for the nfs export.

Anyone any idea wtf is going on here? I'm being really moaned at

Is there some gotcha?

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