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Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Mon Aug 9 16:06:32 UTC 2004

On Mon, 09 Aug 2004, Ashley Evans stated:
> hehe, just to get more than the "read before post" type lesson out of
> this thread: what is NOV db corruption?

Gnus keeps overview databases akin to INN's NOV threading databases for
its nnml-format mailboxes (nnml being like the mailboxes that MH
maintains except that it's also got an overview database).

It uses these to thread mail, and to an extent to work out what's been
marked as read or not.

Rarely, things can go askew with those DBs (with news servers as well as
Gnus :) ) and then things go... odd until you notice and regenerate
them. (Regenerating them with INN 1.x is hideous: doing it with INN 2.x
or Gnus is merely very slow, because *every single article* has to be
opened and read...)

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