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Ian Norton bredroll at darkspace.org.uk
Sun Aug 22 12:09:15 UTC 2004

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 12:03:11PM +0100, will wrote:
> I am buying my dad some wireless equipment for his house but need some 
> advice.  I am going to get him an ADSL router/modem with built in 
> wireless and am thinking of going for the linksys WAG54g as I have one 
> and it works OK.  I also need to get him a PCI wireless card and this is 
> the tricky bit, although he is using windows now, he may move to Linux 
> in the near future so any PCI wireless card will need to be linux 
> compatible.
> What would people recommend over the Linksys WAG54g, if anything?
> Are there any PCI wireless network cards that are linux compatible that 
> will work with the Linksys?

If it is a 802.11b/g card then it will work with the linksys router, it is
afterall just a network card, they all speak the same way.

avoid getting a pci wireless card that uses a PCMCIA slot, I have found that
while the pcmcia card works in a laptop and is often linux compatible, the
pcmcia carrier card that came with it is often a different story altogether.

While USB networking is a little bit nasty, you probably wont want to ignore
the various ATMEL AT76503 based usb wifi things about, the advantage being the
length of the usb cable lets you get the antenna away from the PCs EM humm.


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