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Nordlund, Niko Niko.Nordlund at storaenso.com
Wed Aug 25 16:43:25 UTC 2004

Thanks to all of you who bothered to answer. 

I am taking Ian's advise and ask for someone to come over for one or two
days to give us a good kick start to the wonderful world of Linux. Anyone
interested, please contact me off the list. 

We would need someone to show us solution in practice so we get a feel how
things work in Linux. We should be able to tweak the details later our
selves (or hire you to do it as well). I have some outdated user experience
of Unix, but I am out of my depth in admin side. I am envisioning one or two
day Linux training at least on following topics. 
-Basic security settings: starting from hosts.deny, tripwires, user rights
etc. Show us the basics, we can tweak it later. 
-X window over SSH. We have a few Fedoras installed, so just set it up and
show us a round. 
-Setup a Linux Email program that uses Outlook server. Ahh, to get rid of
the windooze desktop would be good. 
-Samba fileserver. Again big emphasis on security.
-VNC or equivalent with password authentication. We have VNC setup, but we
are missing some small details on the password side...
-Setup PostgreSQL, pgAdmin with password authentication, backups, etc.
Again, programs are installed, now we need someone to show us how a few
basic thing are done.
-Secure socket web application with password authentication on top of
PostgreSQL. Just point us to the right direction.
-ABC of C programming. I did study C way back. However, I would need to have
someone in practice showing me around an editor, debugging and compiling.
Again, details I can workout later, as long as someone just gives me a kick

Best regards,
Niko Nordlund

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On Tue, Aug 17, 2004 at 10:35:41AM +0100, Nordlund, Niko wrote:
> SQL. I would need a SQL database engine that is, stable, can handle
> large databases (> 2GB), easily extendible with own functions (at least
> postgreSQL supports dynamic loading of functions written in c)
> Graphical interface for developing and administering the SQL database. 

for a good IDE you might want to look at Kdevelop (for kde) or Anjuta (for
i've found that anjuta is good if you want to use cvs aswell

> C. As indicated above I would need to do a bit of C coding to get my
> functions available within SQL. I have some experience in using VB, but
> I would like to move over to C. Any suggestions which editor and
> compiler would be easy to learn? Preferably a nice GUI. I would also
> need to pass data to and from a database. Also, recommendations on what
> C-books to read are welcome. 

i found the o'rielly c books are excellent and also 
help with things like make and diff. 

> Intranet tools to SQL. We are, at the moment, using VB to pass info
> between our intranet pages and SQL. What would be the easiest Open
> Source way of doing this?

in unix you can interface pretty much anything with
an sql database, you could use one of the many perl or php 
based website content managers to do this. you can
also use phpmyadmin as an excellent web frontent to 
db management if you use mysql as a database

> VNC. I would like to give a "thin client" a go. Obviously on local
> network we have enough capacity to run X window, but going to another
> continent would need something else. My issue relates to user
> authentication in VNC. Then there is the question of how to do this in a
> secure fashion.

you can tunnel your vnc session over ssh, or you could 
juse use console apps over ssh, there is usually
a good console program for every x program

> A *big thanks* to everyone who bothers to answer!
> Best regards,
> Niko Nordlund

you might find it a good idea to hire someone from here 
for a week or so to help you get started, especially 
if not many of your staff have linux experience.


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