[Gllug] mailing list weirdness

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Mon Aug 9 15:49:55 UTC 2004

I received no messages between <86u1eietbr.fsf at void.printf.net>,
datestamped Tue Mar 4 21:05:12 2003 -0000, and
<<411795A5.8040106 at pigeonhold.com>, datestamped
Mon Aug 9 16:17:57 2004 +0100.

The trigger for restarting seems to have been asking mailman to
send me a password reminder via the web interface (just in case
something had gone askew and Mailman had forgotten I was
subscribed or something of that nature).

Anyone got any idea what could have happened?

`The copyright file is for everyone.  That we make it available in
 plain-text, uncompressed form rather than in spinning, throbbing
 OpenGL-rendered 3D text over a thumping dance music soundtrack is a
 feature, not a bug.' --- Branden Robinson

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