[Gllug] Very small Linux computer

will will at hellacool.co.uk
Wed Aug 4 12:19:12 UTC 2004

Has anyone got any suggestions for a very small computer to run Linux? 
It is for a robot and so really only needs a basic interface to the 
world, no gfx, no sound etc.  Ideally able to support I2C and/or CAN 
bus.  I would like to interface with this thing remotely, so wireless or 
radio would be useful, but remote access it not a priority.

I am programming it in c++, so I need to be able to run self compiled 
c++ apps on it.  I have looked at the miniITX machines, but I would gess 
they would draw a fair amount of power for the features on the machine I 
would not be needing[0], but set up would be dead easy and I could just 
plonk a wireless PCMCIA network card in it.  I had also considered 
trying to find an old laptop, pentium or something.  The uCsimm looks tasty:


although pricey and it looks pretty difficult to get running.  Cost is a 
large issue, I have very little money at the moment (between jobs). 
Really I am just after some recommendations, is there anything I have 
missed that will do the job?


[0]Would take up a fair amount of room too.
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