[Gllug] Phone unlocking

Holger Duerer hduerer at gmx.net
Mon Aug 2 15:21:59 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Ashley" == Ashley Evans <ashley at seamlessrecruitment.com> writes:

    Ashley> I orginally contacted various Nokia telephone numbers abut
    Ashley> this but was informed that the locking is added to the
    Ashley> phone (firmware, I presume) by the network operators
    Ashley> themselves. Not sure if this really is the case.

This does not sound right.  The algorithm seems to be independent of
the actual operator with the exception that you need to identify the
operator (unless there are only a handful of algorithms and internally
the program uses a lookup table from operator to algorithm).

I remember that in 2000 Virgin had trouble with unlocking of Siemens
S25's (Virgin was very easygoing with unlocking back then and would
give you the details over the phone on demand).  The problem was that
Siemens did not deliver the unlocking codes in time.  From that I
conclude the that manufacturer produces the codes and that the
operators at least in some cases don't know the actual algorithm.

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