[Gllug] 'safe' deletion of files

David Damerell damerell at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Thu Aug 12 16:01:40 UTC 2004

On Thursday, 12 Aug 2004, Bernard Peek wrote:
>I suspect that people moving from Windows to Linux will soon come to 
>expect this feature. I think that's an argument for using the "del" 
>command for safe deletions.

Yes, you're quite right; if we are to have a "thing that removes files
that isn't 'rm'", 'del' isn't a bad name - and if 'del' has become
"safe deletion" in the Windows world, the "people get used to safe
deletion" argument doesn't apply.

Ultimately I hope that snapshotting filesystems will become
ubiquitous.  Of course, they _do_ also have the disadvantage that they
train users to be careless, but I think the advantages are so
compelling that they outweight that factor.

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