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Sun Feb 8 12:45:20 UTC 2004

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Thus spaketh Chris Bell on Sunday 08 February 2004 8:26 am:
> On Sun 08 Feb, Christopher Hunter wrote:
> > On Saturday 07 Feb 2004 4:01 pm, Jason Clifford wrote:
> > > I was in the PC World in Staples Corner
> >
> > ...and you admit it?
> >
> > Chris
>    I understand that there have been some loss-leader cheapies advertised
> on their website (while stocks last) which are denied, and never seen, when
> you arrive at the store, are incorrectly charged if you try to order
> online, but may be available if you phone the "help" number, complain, and
> haggle.

I was recently in PC Worlds at Staples Corner, Tottenham Hale and Romford 
looking for networking gear.

Staples Corner had very, very little stock on show except for Belkin, so I 
moved on. Tottenham Hale had the Netgear PCMCIA 802.11g on sale at 40 quid, 
and PCI 802.11b's on sale at 70 quid as well having all their stock mixed up 
on the shelves. I conclude from this that PC World have no inkling of the 
true value of what they are selling. Romford PCW was stocked up tidily; the 
pricing was as idiotic as at TH, so I guess the prices are ordained in on 
high, but at least it had at least one of everything (and suspicioulsy many 
goods with "previously returned" stickers on them).

I also noticed that the ink cartiridges I was after were priced comparably to 
what I had paid recently through mail order.

I feel not at all troubled about having visited the place!
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