[Gllug] love it

Murray KDE kdeuser234 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 14:45:48 UTC 2004

sorry to spout, just very happy.

apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.24-1-586tsc

and it "just worked".  Impressed.

The rest is just me waxing lyrical.  But this list has
helped out a couple of times with questions regarding
this setup, and I would like to say THANKS :)

It's taken me about 6 months of tinkering and playing,
but I have a 166Mhz Pentium 1 (Tosh Libretto 100ct),
64Mb ram and 2G disk, running a modern kernel,
wireless networking, kde 3.1.4, translucent menu's and
console, opera, mozilla and instant messenging to
almost any network (gaim).  It's not lightening fast,
but it happily works.  It plays mpegs (but can't quite
handle their soundtracks).  Can't quite get open
office on the disk, but hey ho.  It does run apache
and mysql without issue mind.

It has no internal floppy disk (and an external one
that doesn't play nice with the multi-floppy
boot/install disks), no cd-rom, and no usb.  So
upgrading kernels is kinda scary ;)

Just a couple of pcmcia slots.  No proprietry OS was
used during the making of this machine.  Nor did I
have to rip out the harddisk or perform any other
physical tricks.  OpenBSD->Mandrake->Debian

It hibernates to disk (about 30sec each way), so takes
a little longer to boot than a palm/ipaq/ipod, but
it's all but a fully loaded linux desktop that is
simple and easy to use for about 200 quid. And the
size of a VHS tape.  And comes with a "widescreen"
800x480 display.

The last task is to get the bluetooth card working,
then I can hit the net whilst on the train, or in the
park via the mobile.  And an ssh tunnel with -C
compression makes it fairly useable too.

It has been a fun project, and I thank you for your
help along the way!

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