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Ian Northeast ian at house-from-hell.demon.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 21:15:43 UTC 2004

Ian Scott wrote:

> Every so often he gets a virus and loses a bunch of work.  He then rings me,
> and moans that it's gone.  I ask him when he last backed up.  He says "Why
> would I want to do that?".  Repeat ad nauseam.

Well at least I have my Dad well trained it that respect. Fortunately 
his book, the great work of his retirement, a tome of indescribable 
boredom to anyone outside of his specialist field (the local history of 
Suffolk), still fits on 2 floppies. I have not yet had to instruct him 
in the art of using a CD writer:)

And he refuses to use email, or the Internet at all, on the grounds that 
if he had it people would send him email:) This is not as stupid as it 
sounds. One of his friends, also a retired academic, is in the habit of 
sending an email at 8am and then ringing the recipient at 9am to ask if 
he's read it yet. Plus Mum won't tolerate a telephone cable running 
through the living room to his office. So he's never had a virus.

The downside of the telephone cable business is that he has no telephone 
in his office either, and as mobile phones do not work at all well in 
that part of Suffolk, giving him telephone support is tedious. "What 
happens if you..." "I'll go and check" .. pause .. "it does <very poor 
description of half remembered symptom>". Etc.

I think I might buy him a cordless phone for his birthday.

Regards, Ian

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