[Gllug] Debian or Fedora

Hong Chyr chyryh at linuxmail.org
Mon Feb 23 11:36:45 UTC 2004

Hi all

I've been using RH for a number of years (since RH5), now with RedHat stopping its RH Linux distros, I'm thinking of switching to something more "permanent". I've been trying to install Debian and have some questions

1. I've installed Woody and finds the packages quite old. Can I install Sarge instead? Do I have to do Woody then "upgrade" to Sarge?

2. I read somewhere that Fedora is "based on Debian". Is that a fact? Does Fedora use RPM or Deb?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but there seemed to be a general consensus that RPM is crap at dependencies management and APT is better. Is that still the case with the enhanced RPM tools out there? 

So Debian or Fedora?

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