PC World, was Re: [Gllug] SCO Stuff

Ian Scott mriscott at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 08:23:13 UTC 2004

> > My family certainly seem to think I am an expert in an operating system 
> > I only keep a copy of (in VMware) to support my Dad's PC. They do not 
> > understand that supporting UNIX and Linux for a job does not make me a 
> > Windows expert.

You work with computers.
Therefore you are an expert.

I often get calls from my father in law saying things like "why is the internet
broken?" (Translation: what have I got wrong in my email settings).

Every so often he gets a virus and loses a bunch of work.  He then rings me,
and moans that it's gone.  I ask him when he last backed up.  He says "Why
would I want to do that?".  Repeat ad nauseam.

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