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Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Tue Feb 10 20:32:39 UTC 2004

On Tue 10 Feb, Christopher Hunter wrote:

> Err... No.  There is never anyone with the slightest clue in those places for 
> the reasons explained before.  The guarantee is often useless: "we can't 
> cover it if you've added any software to it" was heard at PC World Purley Way 
> recently.  As to well-advertised..... 
> Chris
   Its a good job that the nearest trade distributor is about 10 minutes
walk from home, I know about half a dozen only slightly further away, and
can get almost anything else to order via a computer shop owned by a friend.
   PC World do have some restricted loss leaders on their website, but it
can take quite a fight and some phone calls to get them at that price.

Chris Bell

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