[Gllug] Undelete...?

Rickey Costas rickey at lefteris.co.uk
Fri Feb 6 15:03:18 UTC 2004

Bruce Richardson wrote:

>>>Or my personal favourite:
>>>ssh root at very_important_server "cd /directory/which/doesnt/exist;rm -rf *"
>>remote root logins, just say no.
> Then you have to ban sudo and su as well.

No, I'm not saying you cannot make the same mistake without a root 
login, just that I dont like root logins. It strikes me as similar to 
having a burgular alarm, and not using it. And thats not to say there 
are circumstances where remote root logins are sometimes useful.

As other have mentioned, there are methodologies which help avoid this 
'assuming stuff works' type of scripting.


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