[Gllug] ext3 disk recovery?

Andy Farnsworth farnsaw at stonedoor.com
Fri Feb 27 13:47:50 UTC 2004

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If the drive is kaput, there's a chap calling himself "Odie Ferrous" who

advertises a very reasonably priced data recovery facility regularly on 
uk.adverts.computer (he charges less to individuals than companies). He 
appears to have a good reputation.

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Just to stick in another advertisement :) Drive Savers (in california)
has saved my tail in the past.  I absolutely needed the data off a disk
that I had repartitioned, reformatted, installed windows and office onto
and then realize that no back up had been made!  I immediately shut
down, pulled the drive and sent it off to drive savers, they charged an
arm and a leg (in their defense, if I had been willing to wait a week
for the data it would have been less than 1/2 the cost), but the very
next day they had all the content up on their secure server and I was
able to pull it down.  They also sent me a set of CDs that contained the
content as well as the original drive back in the same condition it was
when it left.  They also do this type of thing to completely dead drives
including water damaged, fire damaged, and physically damaged (read
bullet hole) drives.


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