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Ian Northeast ian at house-from-hell.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 20:43:07 UTC 2004

Pete Ryland wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 09:58:09AM +0000, adam at thebowery.co.uk wrote:
>>They also don't take their time about returns, if you return a faulty item
>>they will replace it on the spot if possible (most etailers I know of take
>>at least 4 or 5 days to sort out returns)
> I don't have any specific experience with PC World, but my dear old mum
> recently bought a laptop from a similar chain in another country[1] for
> about 25% more than what she probably should have paid if she had bought
> online or in a smaller store.  HOWEVER, she had perfect peace of mind,
> knowing that she had handed over her hard-earned cash in exchange for
> something she had seen working on the counter minutes before.  Also, after
> purchase, she went back to the store a number of times to get them to "fix"
> it, once because the font was just too small.  From her reports, the "young
> lad" in the store was both more than capabable and more than happy to help.
> Ever since, I've recommended them to the Aunt Maggie types, but I do make
> sure they know that they should be getting premium service for the premium
> price they're paying and that I don't like to be getting phone calls at
> rediculous hours to provide support for an operating system I've never used.

For the same reason, having to put up with frequent questions about MS 
Word, which I do not use, from my Dad, I told my sister to obtain 
personal recommendations for a friendly, knowledgeable local outlet and 
buy a PC from them. She did so, I checked the prices, found that they 
were about 25% above mail order and advised her to buy from them if she 
was confident about their attitude to service. She agreed to this and 

Before she bought her own computer she took on the task of doing her 
church's accounts. The previous volunteer gave her the PC he had been 
using for the job. An old crock of a P133 with 32MB running (in 
occasional short bursts) Windows 95. And the calls began.

My family certainly seem to think I am an expert in an operating system 
I only keep a copy of (in VMware) to support my Dad's PC. They do not 
understand that supporting UNIX and Linux for a job does not make me a 
Windows expert.

Regards, Ian

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