[Gllug] Recommend an ADSL modem?

Dylan dylan at dylan.me.uk
Wed Feb 4 21:07:30 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 04 February 2004 20:51 pm, Nix wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, dylan at dylan.me.uk yowled:
> >                            I haven't had line-drop issues even with
> > 5 mins
> Strange. Maybe there's a way to change the 1 minute lease time, but
> I don't know what it is.

I think I was being too optimistic - the lease does drop, just not as 
often as it did before (about 18 to 48 hours as opposed to 2 hours.)

I've found a simple rcnetwork restart often does the trick, so now I'm 
going to get round to a cron job to if-not-ping-then-rcnetwork-restart

> (What does packet snooping tell you about your leases?)

How can I get that info?

> >      - only when the ISP drops the line AND I'm not actually using
> > the connection at the time. So at the weekend there'll be a
> > keepalive script added to cron...
> I have a re-bring-the-line-up perl script if you're interested (that
> reboots the router to bring the line up again, 'cos mine seems
> incapable of bringing its PPP connection up successfully more than
> once per boot).

Yes, it's another stupid thing about the device - when I change ISP I'll 
be changing router, but until then I can't afford it. Your script would 
be great, but I might need a nudge about getting it working...



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