[Gllug] Rejecting mail at backup MX

Jason Clifford jason at ukpost.com
Fri Feb 13 20:11:35 UTC 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Nix wrote:

> >                                    I just use recipient callout, where
> > the mailer connects to the destination system and does this:
> > 
> > 	helo exim.box
> > 	mail from: alleged.sender at alleged.source
> > 	rcpt to: recipient at domain.org
> > 
> > and rejects the mail if the end system rejects it.
> Er, isn't this what every single relaying MTA on the planet does? :)

No because most relaying MTA's do not connect to the primary MX (or next 
preference MX as apporpriate) until after it has accepted and queued the 

Bruce's scheme involves connecting to the primary (or next) MX from the 
backup MX immediately upon receipt of the RCPT TO from the sending host.

When everything is working well this means that Bruce's backup MX 
system(s) will not accept email for any recipient that would have been 
rejected by the connection had it been made to the primary (or next) MX 
server instead of the backup.

See my previous posts in the thread for my concerns re this scheme and my 
thoughts on how to implement similar levels of protection.

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