[Gllug] Members Only Posting

Steve Cobrin steve.cobrin at highbury.net
Thu Feb 26 10:28:09 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 24 February 2004 14:39, t.clarke wrote:
> I have subscribed as tim1 at seacon.co.uk, to segregate list messages from my
> other email,   but I post from tim at seacon.co.uk;   so I guess it can't be
> 'members only' posting !!

Ok, I'm also not quite sure when we changed to members only posting, but the 
steadily increasing amount of spam we were getting, and number of people 
complaining about made it necessary.

The policy of occasionally allowing posts from non members, is purely at the 
discretion of the moderators. In the case of people who want the to receive 
email's on one address, and to post from another, they should join with both 
addresses, then use the account management page 
[ http://lists.gllug.org.uk/mailman/options/gllug ] to disable the email to 
one of them.

Generally if somebody whose not on the list posts a message, which includes 
some disclaimer, e.g. "I'm sorry I'm not a member of this list, but just 
wanted some help, please ensure responses are copied to me" will normally be 
passed by the moderators.

Regarding SPAM, we are taking steps in conjunction with our hosting company 
(UKFSN, thanks Jason) to improve the spam detection, and get less false 
positives, which has meant some peoples posts being unnecessarily delayed.

  -- Steve aka highbury
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