[Gllug] Debian or Fedora

Martin A. Brooks martin at clues.ltd.uk
Mon Feb 23 12:19:51 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 11:36, Hong Chyr wrote:
> 1. I've installed Woody and finds the packages quite old. 

By definition, yes.

> Can I install Sarge instead? 

If you like.

> Do I have to do Woody then "upgrade" to Sarge?


> 2. I read somewhere that Fedora is "based on Debian". Is that a fact? 


> Does Fedora use RPM or Deb?


> Correct me if I'm wrong, but there seemed to be a general consensus that RPM 
> is crap at dependencies management and APT is better. Is that still the case 
> with the enhanced RPM tools out there? 

apt is a complete intergrated package management system. so is rpm. apt
tends to be better (in the "makes it easier" sense) at dependancy
resolution and Debian makes available many hundreds of packages
seamlessly.  People using Redhat seem to end up installing random RPMs
of dubious quality from lots of sources. The net result being chaos when
you next try to update your system from "official" sources.

> So Debian or Fedora?

For me, Debian.  I simply do not have the time or the will to deal with
Redhat systems in production.

Martin A. Brooks, Clues Ltd

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