[Gllug] Undelete...?

David Irvine maillist at glasgownet.com
Thu Feb 5 17:00:11 UTC 2004

> > > excellent for something like /etc/ but then, thats why we have
> > > cvs....
> > 
> > Then only problem is the one thing you don't check into CVS is the one you
> > really need. On a filesystem level you wouldnt have to choose.
> I take the view that CVS or similar functionality on a filesystem level is 
> wasteful.
> I prefer a nice fast efficient filesystem that leaves proper systems 
> management where it belongs - with the sysadmin.
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However, theres nothing more annoying than going away from BOFH control for a couple of days, safe in the knowlede that you've peeled all those post-it notes with the really hard to remember root passwords scribbled on them from your monitor, only to come back and discover that some 'orrible so and so has added a feature to a config file and broken everything else, if you had cvs functionality, you could just revert that file back to the old one, or get a list of all the files which have changed and a diff of them etc, not much use to /var but quite useful for configuration files.

We use cvs for some config files in /etc/ and its proving very useful but if you do forget to commit or cvs add, your up a certain creek.



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