TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

will will at
Wed Feb 18 12:56:04 UTC 2004

Alistair Mann wrote:
> SPF would tend to reduce the utility of email address portability. It is 
> useful for me when onsite to send email from my own work's email address. It 
> is useful for sales managers -- bless their cotton socks -- to send from just 
> one email address whether they be in the office, under a hotpoint or in a 
> hotel in Sydney, AU. It is useful for the less computerate (ie, PHBs) to be 
> able to send email from their work address from their dialup connection at 
> home. SPF reduces the ability to do the above.

A lack of open relays does the same (and I think some people complain 
about that too).

Personally I solve this by using an SSH tunnel for my IMAP and SMTP 
connections, this allows me to get and send mail securely from my laptop 
or work machine.

For the users at work we are going to make our mail server available in 
the DMZ[0] and this will allow SASL authenticated SMTP, IMAP and 
webmail, all should be possible to serve via SSL.

We may look at a VPN sometime in the future for laptop users.

I don't see SPF as being a problem in any way in regards to 'email 
address portability'.  If you set the users up properly to conform to 
your own SPF guidelines, there will not be a problem.


[0]As this is an ADSL IP, we relay all our mail through our colo'ed 
external mail server to avoid dunamic IP RBLs.
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