OT: [Gllug] Debian or Slack

ben f ben_m_f at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 23 16:52:09 UTC 2004

> I can't disagree with any of that but then I'm a
> Debian bigot in the
> first place.

Okay, you've stoked my curiosity...

Where to deb bigots stand vs. slack (I use this term
in a non-flamebait way!!).

Do debianites tend to use pre-existing packages or
roll-their-own, as I generally find myself doing for

I was almost down the road to becoming a slack bigot
but I've had redhat imposed on me at work and I have
to say it's not so bad. rpms are actually quite 
powerful - both as a way to mess up a system and be
it's master depending on how much of a mess of the
spec file you make ;)

Just curious having never even installed debian.


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