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Sun Feb 1 18:54:06 UTC 2004

Just thought I mention this and I hope I am not totally off at a tangent
here. I noticed a few people mentioning in unrelated message  slight or bigger  problems with playing mpeg.
I played various video file formats on a linux machine with no problems
whatsoever, be it avi, mpeg or whatever. I used VideoLan which worked
very well.

On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 06:45:48AM -0800, Murray KDE wrote:
> sorry to spout, just very happy.
> apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.24-1-586tsc
> and it "just worked".  Impressed.
> The rest is just me waxing lyrical.  But this list has
> helped out a couple of times with questions regarding
> this setup, and I would like to say THANKS :)
> It's taken me about 6 months of tinkering and playing,
> but I have a 166Mhz Pentium 1 (Tosh Libretto 100ct),
> 64Mb ram and 2G disk, running a modern kernel,
> wireless networking, kde 3.1.4, translucent menu's and
> console, opera, mozilla and instant messenging to
> almost any network (gaim).  It's not lightening fast,
> but it happily works.  It plays mpegs (but can't quite
> handle their soundtracks).  Can't quite get open
> office on the disk, but hey ho.  It does run apache
> and mysql without issue mind.
> It has no internal floppy disk (and an external one
> that doesn't play nice with the multi-floppy
> boot/install disks), no cd-rom, and no usb.  So
> upgrading kernels is kinda scary ;)
> Just a couple of pcmcia slots.  No proprietry OS was
> used during the making of this machine.  Nor did I
> have to rip out the harddisk or perform any other
> physical tricks.  OpenBSD->Mandrake->Debian
> It hibernates to disk (about 30sec each way), so takes
> a little longer to boot than a palm/ipaq/ipod, but
> it's all but a fully loaded linux desktop that is
> simple and easy to use for about 200 quid. And the
> size of a VHS tape.  And comes with a "widescreen"
> 800x480 display.
> The last task is to get the bluetooth card working,
> then I can hit the net whilst on the train, or in the
> park via the mobile.  And an ssh tunnel with -C
> compression makes it fairly useable too.
> It has been a fun project, and I thank you for your
> help along the way!
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