[Gllug] Debian or Fedora

Hong Chyr chyryh at linuxmail.org
Tue Feb 24 08:36:15 UTC 2004

Thanks for all the info about Debian and APT, etc. I have to say, I felt a bit stupid after asking questions that I should have researched on (before opening my mouth). Noted, won't happen again :D

I suppose where I'm coming from is, I have managed to download (using jigdo) the Woody-binary-1 CD and wanted to run a system that's a but more updated like Sarge. But I figure if I can install Sarge directly without having to go through the upgrade process then I'll go ahead and download all the Sarge ISO. At the moment, having to do tasksel and download bits of files using a dial-up is very painful. :(


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