[Gllug] Yum or apt4rpm?

Nathan A. McCall nmccall at lokitech.com
Fri Feb 20 16:19:48 UTC 2004

I have found both yum and apt to be really easy to use with Fedora - 
though the default repositories are painfully slow, even being less than 
a few hours drive from RedHat headquarters in the states. Shop around 
and find a fast mirror. It will make a huge difference.

Also, I found it really easy to set up a yum repository with apache - 
you basically just serve the rpm packages and headers and tell yum where 
to find each in /etc/yum.conf

A good list of mirrors is on fedora:
(Anything mirror that has headers and packages will work since it is all 
over http or ftp anyway)

No experience with apt repositories, though the following seems easy enough:


Bruce Richardson wrote:

> On Fri, Feb 20, 2004 at 03:14:53PM +0000, Daniel wrote:
>>Well, Yum comes with Fedora and is used by most RH developers so its had
>>a hell of a lot more testing & usage than apt+fedora will have had. So
>>if its reliability you're after yum seems the way to go. I've no idea about
>>the technical / design merits of each of solution though
> Apt is a more mature and comprehensive application suite and there are
> apt repositories for Fedora.  That said, Yum is evolving at a fair rate.
> The man to ask for definitive answers is Paul Nasrat, who is actively
> involved with these and related projects.  He's on the list but busy.

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