[Gllug] does anybody here do domestic linux install/support ?

Stephan Bourgeois strangelv at lycos.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 08:41:32 UTC 2004

Following this fascinating thread about PC World, I had the impression 
someone here might be doing domestic install / support.

A colleague of mine has an old PII 600Mhz 10GB/64MB running, or rather, 
crashing Windoze 98. He's heard me so much talk of Linux that he would 
like to switch. He thought of buying a new machine or upgrading his but 
he doesn't know how set up his cablemodem, email, etc...

This is a job I would take if I wasn't busy. 1. advice on hardware, 2. 
install a desktop linux (firebird-thunderbird, Oo, Java, Flash, 
Realplayer, microsoft fonts, xfce), 3.configure the internet, copy data 
from his Windoze drive. He has a budget for this (including paying for 
the linux install and advice). Is anybody here doing this sort of thing 
for a living ?

Yours. Stephan.

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