[Gllug] Still not very good at Samba - setting the hostname

ben f ben_m_f at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 14:53:00 UTC 2004

 --- Tom Schutzer-Weissmann
<TSCHUTZER-WEISSMANN at ofsted.gov.uk> wrote: > Dear
> People like the system I set up with Samba but they
> don't like having to remember the IP address of the
> host, and I can't seem to name the host.
> If users go to the share using the ip address, they
> can go up a level to the workgroup, with the name
> set in smb.conf, but it will be empty, so they won't
> be able to go back down to the share.
> What have I done wrong?
> many thanks,
> Tom SW


re: ip address can you ping the hostname from a
windows box?

They must be able to resolve the name to an ip using
something like their hosts file or wins or dhcp (if
they run w2k?). That'll sort that out.

As for not being able to see shares, check out
man smb.conf and mess around with your config.
Check it out using "testparm" and perhaps "smblient"
to determine who can access what.

Check out stuff like "public", "valid users", 
"hosts allow" etc. There's loads of settings to play
with - so play!

Also, I'm sure there are lots of samba basic setup
guides, so try googling.



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