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Doug Winter doug at pigeonhold.com
Tue Feb 10 08:57:05 UTC 2004

On Tue 10 Feb bradut at intelesuri.net wrote:
> >   The biggest annoyance is: I did tell him to ask me before buying the
> >  laptop, I would have never recommended a PB and much less PCcrap.
> I wonder what makes people go to PC World and think "I want that pc and I
> want it now. I am not going to research the market at all, I just need
> to have that Packard Bell... " 

Well my wife took her mother to PC World to get a PC.  First I heard of
it was when she phoned me up saying "we're in pc world and the man here

Luckily they were looking at an HP machine, so I said it was probably ok
(it seems to be, even if it's got a horrible case with DESIGNED FOR
WINDOWS XP printed on it.  The manufacturers must really have to swallow
their pride to do that :).

I just think she (and her mother) thought all computers were basically
the same, and there was this nice big computer shop down the road, so
lets just go there.


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