TMDA Re: [Gllug] New worm doing the rounds?

Peter Childs blue.dragon at
Mon Feb 16 19:40:25 UTC 2004

Jason Clifford wrote:

>>I can't see any other way.  Soon as I get some decent infrastructure
>>in place, I'll be going that way myself.
>We're all seeing spammers becoming more and more sophisticated in 
>circumventing protection systems and this is an obvious and easy one for 
>them to use as a means of beating your protection.
>Jason Clifford
    My instant response to the SPF and other challenage response methods 
was "That will never work!" woth out even looking any further. After 
looking further mostly becuase people at work are getting worrid about 
E-Mail thanks to the popular press scaring them. (Which does not 
help!!!) It would seam I was right.
    From what I can work out. Filters will work best at removing the 
spam and viruses. On the other hand if what you want is secure E-Mail 
you would be better using PGP or the like. Challenge Response checking 
of senders email address solves nothing. Whos to say that the spammers 
address was not valid when the email was set or they have set some 
machine up to say it was valid.
    If however every message was encrypted using PGP or the like. at 
least you could block any spammers keys plus you would have the added 
advantage of a secure method of transmittion. My line is get the 
reciever to validate the sender not the sender to validate them selves!
    You can't stop the spammer but you can always ignor him (or her)

Peter Childs
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