[Gllug] Rejecting mail at backup MX

Jack Bertram jack at jbertram.net
Tue Feb 10 13:02:37 UTC 2004

* Jason Clifford <jason at ukpost.com> [040210 12:28]:
> On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, Jack Bertram wrote:
> > Postfix.
> > 
> > I use $local_recipient_maps together with $virtual_maps on my primary MX.
> > On the backup MX, I have the appropriate domains in $relay_domains.
> I think you can do this with a check_recipient_access map lookup. You just 
> need to create a suitable map of your valid local addresses and place it 
> on the backup MX.
> Then you'd specify this as a condition in smtpd_recipient_restrictions 
> like so:
> smtpd_recipient_restrictions = check_recipient_access hash:/etc/postfix/mx

Looks good.  I'll have a go when I get some more time.  Unfortunately
it's one of those servers where I've set it up over a period of time
without well-documenting exactly what I've done, so any change is likely
to break some lightly-used service.  

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