[Gllug] Seting up RAID level 1

Tethys tet at createservices.com
Fri Feb 20 10:07:03 UTC 2004

Matt Saunders writes:

>What's wrong with reiserfs, out of interest?

Many things. It has a proven history of data corruption. It lacks any
sane recovery tools. And perhaps most importantly, I don't trust Hans
Reiser. He takes too many risks, and doesn't have the right mentality
for designing a system to which I'm supposed to trust my data. If you
read LKML, you'll know what I mean.

In addition, there's virtually no reason to be using reiserfs in the
first place. Yes, it might be nominally faster than, say, ext3 in
certain cases (directories with massive numbers of files, for example).
But there are few real life workloads where the bottleneck is the
filesystem anyway. If you genuinely need a faster filesystem, then JFS
and XFS are both viable options.

Plus resierfs has no option to journal data, only metadata.

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